In 2006 the McLane family decided to move to North Idaho in search of a lifestyle more in tune with the land and an opportunity to raise and grow our own food. We started with grass-fed beef, chickens and a large vegetable garden. We slowly expanded our interests and added a milk cow, ducks and quail.


In 2011 we felt we wanted to expand our little farm and purchased a small flock of sheep. After much deliberation and research we settled on raising Katahdin and St. Croix sheep. Both are hair breeds, meaning sheep that do not grow wool. Low maintenance! We started with a small flock of registered Katahdin sheep and one of St. Croix sheep and are slowly growing our breeding stock.

Meet the McLane Family

In 2012 we added a small flock of dairy goats. We secured a small herd exception license and now offer raw goat milk, as well as goat milk products to the public. Also in 2012 we added eight pregnant Maine Anju cows to McLane Farms, L.L.C.. This special breed of cow is low-maintenance, extremely adaptable and a exceptional beef cow. In October of 2012 we added Berkshire pigs to our farm family. We butchered the first three in March 2013 and have been ecstatic with the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Berkshire pigs are confirmed the Kobi of swine as far as we are concerned.

McLane Farms, L.L.C. is currently seeking the USDA Organic certification, which we hope to obtain down the line.
As a family and as farmers we believe whole-heartedly in treating the land and our animals humanely and with the utmost respect.